We all know that we use our brain when we dance. We use it to remember the dance steps and for our motor skills. And as we gradually improve from a novice to an experienced dancer, our little brain or the cerebellum provides for the memory of how our muscles move without us having to actually think what the sequence of the steps are.

Dancing is actually good for the brain because of the following reasons.

It will help you minimize the feeling of dizziness

It sounds contradictory right? Especially if you are thinking of enrolling for good swing dancing lessons where your partner will constantly twirl and dip you. On the contrary, according to a recent study by specialists in London, years of dancing could help train the brain to suppress signals in the ear linked to the cerebellum. This is why ballerinas do not get dizzy no matter how many times they pirouette.

It will reduce your risk of dementia

There are several activities that we could do to exercise our brain and help fight the onset of dementia when we get older. There is reading of course and doing crossword puzzles several times a week. But these actions are still incomparable since researchers from New York City have proven that dancing frequently reduces the risk of dementia to up to 76%.

It will help slow down the aging process

Dancers are not just physically healthy; they are in good mental condition as well. Brain cells die as we get older and this could be counteracted by dancing since our brain create new neural paths when we dance to store new information. No wonder there are retirees who prefer ballroom dancing Melbourne as a hobby since it keeps them young in body and in mind.

It will help you be more decisive

The part of our brain that helps us make decisions is the same one responsible for coordinating movements. Dancing also improve our problem solving skills and aid us be an out of the box thinker!

It fights off sad thoughts

When we dance, our brain releases “happy hormones” such as endorphins and dopamine making it easier to ward off depression. Interaction with others such as a dance partner, an instructor or a group will also lessen the feeling of isolation.Our brain loves it when we dance. Sometimes even just watching others dance affect our mind positively. It is meditative and therapeutic that even if we have two left feet, our body at times moves on its own when we hear a beat.

Dance To Improve Your Brain Functions

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